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Below you will see not only the released books, but future tentative plans. As a uni student, Lorelei can't promise exact timeframes, but these are her goals. You will also not find this information on any of her other social media platforms so look at you with all this information.

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Series Information and Upcoming Releases

Neforian Abyss series

A young adult series following a ragtag team of adventurers as they make their way down the Neforian Abyss. It follows four main characters, Leah, Cassian, Aeron, and Sebastian, as they learn to trust each other and overcome their pasts.

The first book is Deadly Trials which was released in 2022. As of Summer 2023, the series has been put on hold for the author's mental health, but she does plan to continue it sooner rather than later. There are eight books planned for this series but that is subject to change.

The Legacy Within series

A young adult fantasy romance series where each book follows a different couple in an overarching storyline as the countries they are in are going to war. The characters not only have to face their own problems and new found feelings, but also a conflict much bigger than them.

Book 1, A Legacy Fragile and Broken, comes out winter 2023. There are seven books planned for this series.

Other works

One Life Changes Everything (Novella)

Aphotic Love Anthology by Effie Joe Stock

Here Lies Wanderland Anthology by Alex Silvius and Nathaniel Luscombe

Upcoming Releases

These dates are tentative and are subject to change depending on life events and writing speed.

A Legacy Fragile and Broken: Winter 2023

Neforian Abyss book 2: TBD

Secret Project: October 24

Secret Project 2: Winter 24/Spring 25

Among the Books book 1: TBD

The Legacy Within book 2: Spring 25

Neforian Abyss book 3: TBD