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Dear Readers,


It is so exciting to have you be a part of my journey as an author as well as be a part of your adventure as a reader. I pray that my stories will bring you what you need when you need it. I wouldn't be here as an author without your support, and for that I am truly grateful. I'm truly excited for what is in store for you and I.



The Neforian Abyss series

Book 1 Available Now

The deadly trials have opened up again, and many seek to pass them for exclusive access into the Neforian Abyss, a place of wonder and riches, but not everyone seeks the fame, wealth, and knowledge buried deep within the ruins and sectors. Leah is searching for something far more precious than any metal or jewel. She never expected to drag around someone other than herself, let alone a group of people.


The missing pages in his father's journal don't add up, and Cassian needs to know why. Was his dad's death more nefarious than what he'd originally thought? Following Leah in the trials would lead him one step closer to finding closure, or so he's hoping.


Boredom kills Aeron. Taking on missions only dulls the feeling for a short time before becoming unbearable once again. That is until he finds the trials. What better way to kill time than risk your life?


Anything would be better than what Sebastian has to endure. Anything. He doesn't even want to participate in the trials. It's suicide since his vows restrict him from causing intentional harm to others, but it's his last chance to escape Silas. As coincidences lead them together, they have to learn to trust each other, or face the Trial alone.